Forest School

If you go down to the woods today…

Forest School is an unique holistic educational process that aims to raise self-awareness and self-esteem in an outdoor, non classroom environment as well as enhancing learning. Forest School involves children participating in small achievable tasks, connecting them with the environment and encouraging free exploration. Forest School inspires a deep and meaningful connection to the world and an understanding of how a learner fits within it. Our approach to risk means that learners constantly expand on their abilities by solving real-world issues, building self-belief and resilience.

At Dove CE Academy each class participates in Forest School for at least one term. Miss Swindail runs our Forest School sessions and makes sure we are having lots of fun as well as learning valuable lessons about ourselves and the wonderful environment around us. Before we start our Forest School sessions we all sign a Forest School Agreement which we have developed as a school community.

We take part in Forest School sessions in all seasons, whatever the weather – this is a really important part of learning how the natural world adapts to changes in seasons and the weather. We enjoy making the best of the weather and sometimes what appears to be a ‘miserable day’ turns into a day filled with wonder and joy.

What our children say about Forest School

“I love jumping up and down in muddy puddles!” “We feel happy when we do Forest School.”

“The best thing about Forest School is exploring the bugs that live outside and looking at their patterns.”

“Forest school is good because we made mud pies with soil and water. We used stones and berries for toppings.”

“I really enjoyed Forest School when we made crowns with leaves and flowers on. It was really fun.”

What our parents say about Forest School

“Forest School looks like SO much fun!”

“My child has explained how the game Foxes and Hedghogs works, he has really enjoyed playing that today – Thank you.”

“My child loved Forest School today, so good for them to get outside in any weather.”

“It looks like the children have all had so much fun – Thank you.”