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Our Values


Dove CE (VC) First School will be a safe, caring, nurturing, happy and loving place to learn and grow, inside and outside, which inspires and provides the best for everyone who is a part of it.

Mission Statement

Dove CE (VC) First School provides the best education and care based on Christian and British Values.


At Dove CE (VC) First School, we aim to:

• Work together to promote the Christian ethos and values of our school

• Create a happy, friendly, inclusive and caring learning environment, inside and outside

• Foster and extend a child's natural curiosity, enthusiasm and energy in order that they realise their full potential and experience joy in learning

• Provide appropriate support for pupils with individual educational requirements and respond accordingly • Pursue the highest standards of achievements in all areas of the school’s curriculum

• Praise and acknowledge effort and success

• Support our high quality staff and governors with appropriately targeted professional development opportunities

• Further develop a partnership between children, parents, governors, staff, the church and wider community

• Develop the physical resources and environment of our new school

Our Values:

Being a Church of England First School means we embrace the following Christian values: