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Soon after your child starts school they will begin learning to read. We teach phonics (letter sounds) through the use of the Letters and Sounds materials supported by Jolly Phonics. This enables phonics to be taught in a structured and fun way.

Experience shows that children benefit hugely by exposure to books from an early age. Right from the start, lots of opportunities areprovided for children to engage with books that fire their imagination and interest.They are encouraged to choose and peruse books freely as well as sharing them when read by an adult. Our foundation curriculum is developed through books and each day children are introduced to at least one book by teachers. Enjoying and sharing books leads to children seeing them as a source of pleasure and interest and motivates them to value reading.

The phonics teaching is supported by the introduction of phonic-based books. At Dove First School we use Floppy’s Phonics (ORT), Big Cat Phonics (Collins) and Dandelion Readers (Phonic Books) as our first reading books. As the children develop into more confident readers, the children begin to take home other books that will enable the children to build on their phonic knowledge and develop their comprehension skills too.