1. Teachers to team teach with sports coaches from Progressive Sports
  2. The school has introduced a range of after schools clubs for the children including orinteering, archery and hockey, delivered by PE specialists.
  3. Some new equipment has been purchased for play and lunchtimes..
  4. Some children from Year 4 have been trained by the PE Subject Leader to be Young Play Leader so that they can lead activities for all the children during play and lunchtimes. Lunchtime staff have also been included.
  5. Children to work with Relax Kids to support their mental health and wellbeing
  6. Access to after-school clubs the focus of which they choose


PE Action Plan

Evidence of Impact of  PE Funding July 2019

Evidence of Impact of PE Funding July 2020

Evidence of Impact of PE Funding July 2021

Evidence of Impact of PE Funding July 2022


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